Stuffing, Lashing & Choking
We have years of experience in stuffing, lashing and choking of various types of cargo in containers. Since each cargo type is different, we customize the lashing and choking technique to best suit the nature of the cargo. Commonly used types of lashing include loop lashing, direct lashing, tie down lashing, cross lashing and harness lashing. We have skilled staff and workmen who have experience in lashing and choking of various types of cargo including steel coils and sheets, automobiles, palletized/unitized cargo, machinery and equipment, etc.
Inspection & Documentation
After each lashing assignment, upon request of the client, we can have a 3rd party surveyor thoroughly examine the strength and quality of lashing. Along with the surveyor’s approval, we also photograph each lashing assignment and maintain records to ensure strict quality control.
‘Boom’ – Our Technological Innovation
Boom is a mechanical device developed based on our in-house research and development, used extensively for stuffing of steel coils into containers. This device has streamlined the stuffing process, thereby reducing the time required for the entire containerization process. This has led to reduction of cost and equipment required by our clients. Majority of our clients in the steel industry have adapted this technique for loading and have transferred the same technology to destination countries for unloading as well. Please contact us to learn more about this device.
Lashing & Choking Products
Along with providing stuffing, lashing and choking services, we are also suppliers of all lashing products. Please check out our list of products for more details.
Basic Cargo Securing Components in a Standard Container
Component Typical uses in cargo securing
1 - Lashing bars (corner posts)
2 - Lashing bars (side rail)
4 - Lashing rings
For fastening ropes, plastic strapping, steel strapping, rapid tensioners etc.
3 - Corner posts
Capable of withstanding high point loads, e.g. due to shoring.
5 - Wodden Floor
Anchoring by lumber connectors, nailable, possibly with staples.
6 - Corrugated steel side walls
Transverse beams may be fitted into the corrugations to secure the cargo in the longitudinal direction.