Handling project cargo and over dimensional cargo is always a challenge!
We specialize in lashing and choking of project and over dimensional cargo. Due to the unwieldy physical size and extremely high cost of over dimensional cargo, specialized lashing and choking techniques and materials have to be used.
Our staff and workmen are trained and highly experienced in working with over dimensional cargo. Along with technical skills, our staff and workmen have also been trained to strictly follow safety and health guidelines in order to avoid any accidents. Lashing of over dimensional cargo is generally done on trailers, flat rack containers, open top containers, mafi trailers, barges, etc.
Some important criteria to be considered in using lashing material
Good capacity of retraction
Range of operative temperature (-40C ,+75C)
High resistance to U.V. rays and all weather conditions
Very high resistance to absorb shocks during transport
Excellent retained tension due to its elastic elongation
No damages caused to the lashed products
Fast and easy to handle and retensionable
Safe to use for lashing personnel