Do you want to store your machinery and equipment for an extended period of time? Or do you want customized packaging designed for transportation of your cargo? We are well equipped to fulfill all your packaging needs. Our customized packaging is designed to best suit the nature of your cargo and fulfill your packaging goal. We take into consideration the physical dimensions, weight, center of gravity, sensitivity of cargo, number of openings and duration of storage to determine the material and design of our packaging.
To further protect your cargo and ensure its integrity we use special materials including bubble Wrap, Shrink Wrap, polyethylene or polyurethane foam and loose fill, slip sheets, Kraft Papers, edgeboards & angleboards, vacuum packing materials, dunnage air bags, vapor bags, vci films and other specialty hardware.
Vulnerable or delicate parts can be suitably protected by specialized packaging. We also offer equipment cleaning as part of the packing process if required, and because shipments undergo changing climatic conditions during the course of their journey, we treat all visible bright metal surfaces, before vacuum sealing them in a polythene cocoon with moisture-absorbing silica gel. Finally, there is the external casing, constructed to meet the industry standard. This is specially made, often to a unique design, for each shipment, to ensure that the consignment is properly protected at all times. And this can either be provided at our specialist packing locations or on site, if that is more convenient.