Established in 1959, Hirji & Company (now Hirji Packers & Suppliers Pvt. Ltd.) has been a pioneer in ship store supplies, palletization and packaging of export cargo for decades. Our high quality ship store supplies and cutting edge packaging solutions have facilitated seamless movement of international shipments, making Hirji Packers & Suppliers a renowned name in the Indian shipping industry.
Over the past 53 years we have achieved several milestones and have successfully expanded our business to serve several domestic and multinational clients across different industries.

Shrink and Strech Wrapping
P.P Strapping
Cushioning and Protection of   Cargo
Stuffing, Lashing & Choking
We have decades years of experience in stuffing, lashing and choking of various types of cargo in containers. Since each cargo type is different, we customize the lashing and choking technique to best suit
Project & Over Dimensional Cargo
Handling project cargo and over dimensional cargo is always a challenge! We specialize in lashing and choking of project and over dimensional cargo. Due to the unwieldy physical size
Customized Packaging Solutions
Do you want to store your machinery and equipment for an extended period of time? Or do you want customized packaging or specialized crates designed for your cargo? We are well equipped